Anti-Aging and Age Management Services

Pasadena CA Anti Aging Specialist, Stephanie King, D.C. at Dedicated to Health Medical Group Inc. specializes in Anti-Aging and natural wellness services. You are the patients that require more time and TLC to heal and to become whole again. You are the ones that feel like no one really listens or cares to spend the time to find the problem or the reason why you are hurting. You are the group Doctor King has dedicated this clinic to reaching. She truly enjoys spending time with her patients, to create a specific program to achieve ultimate wellness for your body. Her combined team of providers have been in practice over 20++ years and still love getting up each morning knowing the special group of patients that they get to work with each day. This is their daily reward.

The clinic offers a warm, friendly, peaceful environment with soft aromas, sounds, and a relaxing atmosphere to help unwind the stresses brought on by busy lives and toxic environments. The staff has worked to bring about a non-traditional environment and treatment system that is unique to the office and the staff. Take time from your day, and respect your health and your body. Invest in your future. The staff at Dedicated to Health Medical Group Inc. will find the program that suits your body’s needs, and will bring you ultimate wellness.

About Our Services:

Integrative Health Sessions

Holistic Medicine looks at the whole person (body, mind and spirti). A lifestyle approach, instead of treating one symptom at a time this approach treats you the patient as a whole. We consider the condition to be underlying symptoms of imbalance in the body and we look to correct that through the most natural approach possible.

With an Integrative approach you will have an extensive and comprehensive look at your system during your medical evaluation/exam. This approach focuses on diet, lifestyle and imbalances in the body. Rather then a list of drugs you will receive dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to begin to balance your system through medical guidance. All of the supplements and nutritional products recommend by our providers are from reputable companies with documented studies, trials and published in medical journals.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men and Women

Using a natural approach looking at nutrition, lifestyle and hormonal imbalances we help patients balance their hormones as they go through the stages of perimenopause, menopause, and andropause. We work with compounding pharmacies using the most organic, natural plant based ingredients. We also have both our bioidentical holistic physician and nutritionist to give the most comprehensive approach to your overall health and hormone balance. We utilize both subjective and objective findings and look at serum and saliva panels and then put together the best path for your individual unique needs.

IV Therapy

As we age, we stop being able to absorb the minerals and nutrients we need to stay healthy. Because your food must be digested before nutrients can be absorbed, many important amino acids, vitamins, and minerals are not able to get used by your body. Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Therapy circumvents your digestive system by depositing the nutrients your body needs directly into your blood, allowing your body to immediately absorb the nutrition it is missing. When your body is not getting the nutrition it needs, it doesn’t function, look or feel as good as it should. Your local functional medicine practitioner works with you to identify exactly what nutrients you are missing, and in what amounts, so that you are able to get a customized IV Therapy treatment plan started. Intravenous Nutrient Therapy treats the common cold, helps muscles repair faster after workouts, and hydrates, energizes, and heals. Read more about the benefits of IV Therapy and how it helps patients reach their wellness goals.

Skin Care Treatments For Face, Neck, and Body

Looking good starts from within. Once your nutrition is on track we have an extensive Medical Grade line of skin care products to help you look amazing. Our skin care anti-aging facials are in between a facial and chemical peel without any downtime. They are luxurious but treatment based yielding brighter skin. They help with wrinkles, age-spots, blemishes, scars. An amazing transformation that not only turns back the hands of time but also is a relaxation experience. Using the iS Clinical line we offer the Fire & Ice Facial, The FiSZZ Champagne Facial and The Correcting Anti-Aging Facial. Sample products go home with you to continue the care at home.

Body Contouring Targeted Fat Loss

Body contouring is a safe, effective, and nonsurgical treatment that works for same-day inch loss, using the power of ultrasound. It targets stubborn areas of fat from your stomach, hips, thighs, and saddlebags, and patients can see same day changes without pain, needles or down time. Most patients have a loss of 1-3 inches with skin tightening.

Natural Face Lift

A complete Radiofrequency facial natural face-lift and neck treatment administered to lift, tone and re-educate sagging muscles in the face and neck instant same-day result for anti-aging and all natural face-lift. A custom-selected serum is infused to improve tone, texture, firm and hydrate while aiding in wrinkle prevention and skin tightening. Plus ad any of our Anti-Aging Facials either a 30 min express or full 1 hour to your RF session for full clinical treatment to your skin. Instantly resurface, lift and treat. Comes with full product consultation, sample set and introduction to our iS Clinical anti-aging treatment line.

Chiropractic Care and Natural Recovery

Licensed Chiropractic Doctor works with a combination of massage therapy and physiotherapy, to speed and aid in recovery in a natural way addressing the neural pathways improving immune function, health and working on balance you can improve your overall health and well being as well as address issues like neck, back, joints, migraines and more. We work in combination with nutrition, lifestyle and if needed our holistic MD to aid in your recovery.

Massage Therapy

Licensed Massage Therapist clinically supervised to provide: deep tissue massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage, lymphatic massage, swedish massage, foot reflexology, all custom based on your therapeutic needs. Many Insurances cover massage therapy contact us for details.


Nutrition and diet appointments tailor designed based on your health and goals for the best foods and supplements for your lifestyle, genetics, anti-aging, and overall health goals. Labs, food allergy, gluten, and computerized software testing all available based on your health and overall support needed. Increase energy, balance your body, improve immunity, and work to prevent medication or decrease medication use by improving genetic markers with the correct foods and supplements for your body. Available with all our providers based on your unique needs.

Diet and Weight Loss

Weight loss can be tough we have specific tailor designed nutrition programs as well as our medically supervised weight loss plans through our Medical Physician. These diets allow the patient to tap into fat stores and burn them while sparing lean muscle mass. This is a medically supervised weight loss diet that requires a reduce calorie diet, restriction to certain types of foods. Working with nutrition and looking at overall hormone balance not only helps people lose weight but also keep it off sourcing the core issues.

iS Clinical Medical Grade Anti-Aging Product Line

A Complete line of iS Clinical Skin Care Products Available to Compliment your Anti-Aging and treatment needs. Our expert will recommend and put together the best approach for you. iS Clinical is used in our treatment and facial procedures. iS Clinical is a pharmaceutical grade skin care line available only through medical professionals.

Natural Joint Relief and Pain Management

Our Holistic Medical Team specializes in a Natural approach to chronic pain, arthritis and degenerative joint conditions. There are a variety of options available other then cortisol to reduce pain, inflammation, and increase your range of motion. We can help improve your quality of life naturally and assist in you healing quickly from injuries that can keep you from your job or athletic competition. Find out more and call today about our Non-Steroidal Treatments for chronic pain, joint pain and musculoskeletal pain and trigger points. We have a complete accelerated approach for pain management and rehabilitative care using the latest start of the art options from a natural holistic perspective.

Offering options such as Homeopathic Joint injections, plant based trigger point injections, light laser therapy, pharmaceutical grade supplements, herbs and pain compounds to help reduce inflammation, nerve pain and swelling specific to your injury and local to the area of treatment.

Speciality Lab Testing:

  • Food Allergy Testing
  • Immune Testing, Allergy Testing
  • Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity
  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis/Parasitology Profile
  • Adrenal Stress Profile
  • Adrenal Cortex Stress Profile
  • Male Hormonal Health Panel
  • Perimenopausal Saliva Panel
  • Menopause Saliva Panel
  • NutriEval vitamin/mineral deficiency panel
  • Heavy Metal Toxin Panel
  • Women’s Health Profile Blood
  • Men’s Health Profile Blood
  • Cardiovascular Health Profile

Pasadena CA Anti Aging Specialist, Stephanie King, D.C. at Dedicated to Health Medical Group Inc. looks at the individual, and she bases her care on unique needs and goals for her patients’ health using a combination of Alternative and Integrative Medicine with her Natural and Medical Team of Practitioners. Each person is different, and responds in their way. Doctor King has learned to listen to the body and most importantly to the patient, basing treatments on each person’s uniqueness. Each treatment session is created specifically for the patient, and not the generic care that so many men and women have experienced in the past.

Contact Dr. Stephanie King, your Pasadena Bioidentical Hormones Specialist, today at 800-775-4902 Ext. 363 to discuss which customized treatment plan is perfect for you!