Meet the Dedicated to Health Medical Group Directors

Stephanie King, D.C.
Stephanie King, D.C.

Pasadena Bioidentical Hormone Doctor Stephanie King is a Chiropractor, Registered Nurse, Educator and Published Author who brings 20 years of expertise in Nutrition, Natural Hormone Balancing and Diet Education. She is familiar with both conventional and complementary therapies and has put together a unique protocol to help patients achieve their lifestyle goals with the most natural, safe methods possible.

Stephanie King helps patients who have faced the challenge of not only poor health but poor body image due to struggles in genetics, lifestyle and weight management. Stephanie King has spent 20 years of practice in developing techniques for patients who have failed other health promotion programs and has been researching her whole life due to her own personal struggles with weight and hormone imbalances. King’s passion for health and wellness and helping those who have given up is astounding. People that have failed other programs seek her out from across the country to join her programs. She enjoys going to work each day hoping there is a new challenge waiting for her to solve. She even endearingly calls her group of patients the 10% because they are the ones that require extra attention, more time, and the TLC that she has in her heart to give because of her love for her family, which is really what her patients are to her. Whether it is health promotion, early disease prevention, diet management, hormone imbalances, or anti-aging, no matter what you’ve tried, you haven’t tried them ALL until you’ve worked with Stephanie King and the Dedicated team who’s focus is balancing the body through a combination of conventional and natural methods!

In her teenage years, Stephanie was severely injured as the passenger in a car accident. With resulting severe migraines and neck pain and armed with her knowledge and upbringing, she sought a holistic approach for treatment of her injuries. She went to her first chiropractor and fell in love with the hands-on and natural approach of the field. It was then that she decided her path to a nutrition-based health and wellness practice would be complimented by Chiropractic.

Stephanie’s thirst and desire for knowledge has never stopped. She entered college while still in high school, reading every book she could get her hands on about the subjects that touched her life. She now continues that same drive into the internet age, mastering the online tools to bring the current technological advancements and newest research in the health and wellness fields to her patients. Her knowledge and experience is extensive; Stephanie was already able to diagnoses cases and adjust patients before she even entered Chiropractic College. She completed her Registered Nurse License adding certifications in Advanced IV Vitamin Therapies, Functional Medicine, and Cosmetic Procedures. Stephanie has continued her education, being inspired by her patients and desire to improve their health and is currently finishing her Family Nurse Practitioner degree. While completing her Nurse Practitioner degree she serves as Director of Services and Patient Care at Dedicated to Health. She also continues to add to her knowledge base by volunteering her time to work with already established providers. Her collaboration and study with multiple providers along with her unique educational background and 20 years of hands-on patient experience allows her to offer knowledge and skills unlike any other you will find.

With more then 20 years behind her and a continued drive to learn she is the perfect combination of education, experience, and compassion. Her patients, who encompass celebrities, athletes, judges, doctors, and people from all walks of life, say on a daily basis, “I know Stephanie will have the answer,” and she does!

In her new book Dr. King breaks down the basics of hormone dysregulation and provides a step-by-step path to gain your ultimate health in “Is It Me or Is it Hot in Here?”

Lisa Ma, M.D. Family Medicine (Specializing in Integrative Holistic Medicine and BHRT)

Lisa Ma, M.D.
Lisa Ma, M.D.

Dedicated to Health welcomes Dr. Ma –This amazing Practitioner embodies the Dedicated to Health philosophy and will be the “doctor you have been looking for”.

Dr. Lisa Ma graduated with honors from University of California, Riverside and completed her Medical Degree at Loma Linda University, School of Medicine. Dr. Ma completed her Family Medicine residency  at White Memorial Medical Center and is not your average family doctor. She believes she was put on this earth to help others. In this quest, Dr. Ma organizes regular medical, dental and construction trips to Ensenada, Mexico.

On one of these trips, Dr. Ma met her, then future husband. Their first child came along and later became frequently ill. Dr. Ma attempted to treat her daughter with the tools she learned in Medical School, but found great limitations.

Dr. Ma’s mother-in-law suggested several natural remedies for their sick child. Dr. Ma, being open minded to all options to bring healing to a patient, embraced the natural remedy and pursued the best options. What had caused her child severe pain cleared up quickly with the natural remedy.

Amazed by the results, this one incident sent Dr. Ma on a path of education of natural remedies complimenting her traditional path to best serve her patients.

She continues to educate herself and takes classes and seminars in nutrition, women’s health, hormone balancing, etc. She tries to finds ways to help patients heal there bodies naturally and with minimal side effects. Dr. Ma has developed a unique holistic skill set with a focus in Integrative Care.  She has further studied in Natural Hormone Balancing and Compounds, with the growing demand and desire many have demanded from there doctors. She understands the obvious desire patients have for the most natural approach as they go through changes of life.

Dr. Ma, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, comes from a diverse cultural background and speaks fluent English, medical Spanish, basic Japanese and Chinese. We are excited to have her as part of the Dedicated to Health team, in order to serve the patients with a complete Integrative Holistic Approach to patient care.

Kirstiema Cowan, MSN, FNP-C

Kirstiema Cowan, MSN, FNP-C
Kirstiema Cowan, MSN

Dedicated to Health Medical Group, as well as Dr. Stephanie King and Dr. Lisa Ma, welcome Kirstiema Cowan, MSN, FNP-C, completing our Women’s Health Dream Team. Kirstiema is a Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in Functional Medicine. Kirstiema, born in California, was raised by her mother, who is from Thailand, where she served as an RN in charge of a community hospital.

Kirstiema’s mother was a “hero” in her eyes. She watched her mother integrate herbs, vitamins and natural remedies, that she learned from her parents’ home country, with the traditional medical treatments to better balance the body and treat diseases for the patients she worked with and treated. Kirstiema learned and embraced this holistic model from her “hero” and wanted to create this same model in her own practice, moving forward.


Kirstiema entered the United States Army and was trained as a medic, stationed overseas, which began her journey into health and medicine. Kirstiema continued her education after leaving the Armed Services to become the medical professional she is today. She now takes the wisdom she learned from home, coupled with the education and experience she has gathered, to bring wellness programs to balance her patients of all ages in an as natural approach as possible.

We are excited to have someone whose goals are a healthy lifestyle and wellness and whose background is in holistic health with a special interest in Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Lifestyle Management. Kirstiema is utilizing specialty lab testing and spending one-on-one time with our patients of all ages to bring them to there ideal path to amazing health.

Meet the Staff:

  • Selina Lopez, LMT, Aesthetician
  • Terry Ech, Office Manager, New Patient Director
  • Angelika King, Receptionist
  • Jolene Campbell, Billing


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